Know the truth, and survive.

Hardcore-punk was made for anyone to speak personal truth; Pure unfiltered thought. It’s very foundation is anti-authorative. Today, the world is full of complex matters that couldn’t fit within the confines of democracy. Society has been conditioned to reject one polarized party and it’s radical ideals. We should all reject the opposing party in the same regard.

Conflicting takes on morale are used to cause divide. We experience overexposure from entertainment and social networks i.e.

TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, video games, Netflix, Fox, NBC/Universal, Disney, etc.

Those in charge of these platforms team up with governments to create polarizing/controversial content through all forms of media. At the same time, we see fact-check prompts on posts. Whether or not the information in question is false, we have a 3rd party enforcing what to think or believe, filtering all content shown, case by case. It’s time for us to break away from propaganda invading our attention span.

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Political correctness is damaging to society

and history

Mass psychosis is changing society as we know it

The media psychologically manipulates you

There is no

credible news outlet

Most of the population follows orders, and doesn’t think or pay attention

You are a product of technocratic hypnosis

Repetitive formats of media are like a dog whistle

Propaganda, against propaganda

I will be silenced someday; and only by force.

I am the walking product of a mind control experiment gone wrong. If you are reading this, wherever you are, you will never control my mind.


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